3D Modeling was created as a place to ramble about the various adventures I have had in computer based 3D platforms. During my time in undergrad and masters program, I worked with a variety of platforms: SketchUp, Unity3D, Cheetah3D, PhotoScan, MakeHuman, Blender, and 123DCatch. These adventures were for research purposes, class projects, and general curiosity. Now that I am here at Muhlenberg, I hope to take these ramblings and find spaces for them across campus. Over time I hope to see this transform into a blog about 3D Modeling @ Berg.

Right now that looks like a few random posts about models. And that is likely how it will continue for a few more weeks. As we move into the next semester and the next year, I hope to continue conversations about 3D printing with interested faculty. I am interested in exploring the ways in which faculty and students can use these tools to support their scholarship or conduct their research. So if you’re at all interested, reach out or swing by!


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