3D Modeling @ Muhlenberg

Our last TechTuesday is coming up on December 6th! We hope that you can join us for a conversation about ‘how to’ and ‘why bother’ using 3D modeling in education. The session will be held in Seegers 109-110 from 8:30 to 9:30 with coffee, pastries, great folk, and Play-Doh. That’s right, I said Play-Doh. So now that I have left you with that little teaser, here’s a bit more:

3D modeling has been used to create prosthetics, drones, artworks, and many different kinds of models. Interior designers and architects use programs like AutoCad to create buildings and assemble spaces. Students use 3D modeling and printing to learn more about bone structures, replacing the often times expensive kits with a more affordable alternative. 3D animation and gaming platforms are also free and accessible to anyone who may want to use them, no longer locked behind expensive softwares.

On Tuesday we will take a look at the software listed below, going through a fairly high level view of what each does.  The conversation will cover modeling, texturing, rendering, photogrammetry, and hosting.  Additionally, each software platform will be paired with an example of digital scholarship and/or course project.

Check back early next week for an in-depth post about 3D modeling in education.

SketchUp: Additive 3D modeling/construction
Cheetah3D: 3D modeling and rendering platform *(not free)
Unity3D: Gaming platform
123DCatch: Photogrammetry software
SketchFab: 3D model hosting
TinkerCad: Simple 3D design for 3D printing

Educational Resources
3D Printing




3D Data Visualization



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